18 September 2009

What holiday is it this time?!

Today, as I strolled into the dining facility, I saw that—once again—the tables had American flags on them; and that red, white and blue decorations adorned the wall.

What holiday is it this time?

I thought back through the holidays. It couldn't be Labor Day…that was last week. Flag Day? June. The signing of the US Constitution was yesterday. I knew from the daily briefings that I should be careful, since today is actually a Muslim holiday known as "Qods Day", which is apparently International-Hate-on-Israel Day. (That's right, the Iranian Ayatollah actually dedicated a holiday, starting in 1979, to how much he couldn't stand Israel--wonders never cease.)

But as I ate lunch, I discovered that we had "Air Force Cake" (a really nice cake that is typically only found in Air Force facilities) in the dining facility to denote that it was…surprise…the Air Force's Birthday.

I have to say, I am always appreciative for our brethren in blue, particularly for the following:

  • Your insanely hot women who make joint task forces that much more enjoyable…
  • …Your swimming pools (yes, plural) at Joint Base Balad, which make maintenance "problems" there that much more bearable, and…
  • The propensity for your cargo aircraft to have maintenance "issues" in Landstuhl during Oktoberfest, making intercontinental strategic airlift that much more interesting.

Update: Thanks to Pat O, I now know that it's also National POW/MIA Remembrance Day.


Reach 364 said...

Apparently I've been flying for the wrong squadron! My two longest maintenance delays ever were at Ft. Campbell and Ft. Bragg. There's nothing like five days off in Fayetteville to teach you to love the Army.

Now, that time my aircraft commander got sick in Landstuhl for five days is another story....

Schmedlap said...

On my last deployment, my NCOIC informed me that if I had any choice in the matter, take the C-5 with ADVON rather than the charter plane with main body. His reason? The C-5 always breaks down in Spain and you "have to" spend 2 or 3 days hanging out at the local pubs. The man is a fortune teller.

Anonymous said...


Hah hah. Our C-130 did it at Moron on our homeward flight for what was supposed to be just a refueling stop. Of course, the replacement part wasn't in stock so we got released for the day to Seville via rental car. Excellent!