25 October 2009

Be social, be smart...

With a military largely seperated from the American public, the few glimpses many get of service men and women come from recruiting commercials. Based on these commercials, you would think that troops spend all day saluting the American flag during a blood-red sunrise, jumping out of airplanes, and looking sternly at the camera. Those of us who have spent a day in uniform know that our lives are far from that. Indeed, it never ceases to amaze me that people are shocked...shocked, I tell you...to discover that service men and women like to unwind, play a few practical jokes, and make a few funny Internet videos.

Now, I love the various dance videos, practical jokes, parody videos and songs--it gives troops something amusing to do, and it provides all of us with some entertainment. However, one has to be social and be smart at the same time. For one, don't "ghost ride" an MRAP. Here's another thing not to do (H/T Themistocles' Shade)--watch the video closely (hint--it starts around the 3-minute mark)

Yeah, I love a funny video just as much as the next guy, and I'm not totally averse to pictures of detainees. But putting them in your funny video is probably not the best of ideas.

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