14 October 2009

Indulge in Star Wars geekery AND support the troops at the same time!

Found this today on the official Star Wars blog. Hurry up, because 90% of these limited-edition challenge coins have been sold:

The Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society is currently hosting acharity fundraiser for Operation Ward 57, a medical center which houses some of the most seriously injured service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The PSWCS has created a limited editionStar Wars medallion to help raise funds for Operation Ward 57, and has already sold through nearly 90% of the 1000-piece run. Here’s the description of the medallions from the PSWCS site:

These medallions were inspired by the concept of “challenge coins” which are popular among military personnel. Given Operation Ward 57’s efforts for wounded service members, PSWCS felt it to be a distinctly appropriate collectible to offer to support the charity.

This will be a 1.75-inch diameter medallion with colored enamel on both faces.

Head on over to www.pswcs.com to pick up some of the last remaining medallions available, which cost just $10 each.

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