01 November 2009


Those of you who have read this blog in its various permutations over the years know that I get drunk, talk to women, generally skirt most normal social conventions, wear obnoxious t-shirts, and generally have all sorts of bizarre misadventures on the weekend. (Many times, tying it in to advanced theories of warfare) Last night was no different. Indeed, Halloween is quite possibly my favorite holiday of the year because I actually have an excuse for behaving obnoxiously.

An officer, yes, but a gentleman no.

Anyway, this is one of those magical years where Halloween occurs on the same day that we set our clocks back, meaning that the bars stay open an extra hour to accommodate us. I decided to microblog my misadventures on Twitter, and I must say, it was an amusing Halloween.

What amused me most of all was the creativity in the costumes. (For the record, I went out dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi, complete with my FX lightsaber that glowed and made sounds. Truly, it was quite the highlight to have women ask if they could hold my "lightsaber". I also used the Jedi mind trick when the bartender asked for ID. I amuse myself.) One guy was dressed as a surgeon and had a "free mammograms" sign. One girl--hot, no less--was dressed as an Tolkien-style elf and actually...I am not making this up...played World of Warcraft. (If WoW girls are all like this chick, I think I need to go as Leeroy Jenkins next year). One group went as a Star Trek crew, with Kirk, Spock and a redshirt girl.

But the winner was a woman who was wearing a miniature leopard-patterned dress with a leopard-ear headband. When I complimented her on her leopard outfit, she corrected me:

"No, no. I'm a cougar"
"A real cougar?"
"Yeah, I'm 40"

We have a winner.

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