10 January 2010

Link of the Day

Thanks to Twitter (and Gulliver at Ink Spots, in particular), I came across a group known as Tech, Culture and Conflict, who has a Twitter feed. Apparently, they are a group of academics who are starting up a website regarding academics and the counterinsurgency environment.

I really like how the gap between academics and the military has seemed to narrow during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I think that both sides have benefited from working together. Let's help these men and women out with their web page and suggest a few good articles to help those from academia prepare for work in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If anyone from Tech, Culture and Conflict is reading this, would you benefit from a quick primer and introduction to the military?

PS--Gulliver, are you serious? "Love Bank" in division warfighting handbooks? I guess love and war really are alike. This is why Ovid's "Ars Amatoria" has such wonderful analogies between the battlefield and the bedroom...he really was the Tucker Max of his day.


Jason Fritz said...

"PS--Gulliver, are you serious? "Love Bank" in division warfighting handbooks?"

Four little words for you there Starbuck: Rock. Of. The. Marne.

Starbuck said...

Hahaha, just consider yourself lucky that you weren't in the 82nd (or 82D as they insist on spelling it) was , as they were most famous for a plethora of gay porn scandals.

I keep telling myself that I am going to post about all of this some day, but the story is just too damn incredible :)

Lily said...

Have to admit, I don't have too much faith in what academics come up with... but the David Danzig-article you linked to below was very good. But above all it depends on the intention of the individual interrogator, whether something is destructive or for the greatest good. Violence or the absence of it does not necessarily determine that.

Like when you think about the means they used during the cold war to brainwash the population of entire countries... they didn't always go about it in a violent way and yet they had done more or less perfect job. Those people are still broken today, without hope and a real future and they don't even know it!