10 January 2010

Your daily facepalm

Thanks to Pat Porter over at Kings of War for the link and amusing commentary on this interview with former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos".

Actually, Pat's article is about much more than just the aforementioned clip--it's well worth reading--but there's so much unintentional humor in this Rudy Giuliani interview that I have to focus on that. Now I have to caveat this by saying that I fully expect to see partisan ass-hattery in American politics, but Giuliani is taking it to a new level in this 4 1/2 minute clip.

We could start by examining the beginning of the video, with Giuliani's laughable assertion that, after thirty hours of questioning, Omar Abdulmutallab has given up valuable intelligence, but several lies as well. In Giuliani's mind, clearly, we need to waterboard the underwear bomber, because torture never compels one to tell a falsehood simply to stop one's tormentors. (This article is also quite good, as it tell the story of Hans Scharff, a German interrogator who gleaned incredible amounts of information from Allied pilots without even raising his voice in front of Allied airmen.)

We then see Giuliani flip-flop over his demands that the underwear bomber not be given a civil trial, despite the fact that several terrorists have been given civil trials already. Of course, for most Republicans, it's okay for Bush to punish terrorists in civil courts, but when Obama tries terrorists in civil courts, we lose the War on Terror.

But thanks to those of you who correctly recognized the following facepalm-worthy quote from Giuliani (about 3:15 in):
...We had no domestic attacks under Bush; we’ve had one under Obama...

I'm sorry, here's kind of an obscure one from the Bush Administration that Giuliani might have heard of...

For a man who constantly parroted "9-11" during his run for presidency, we should at least expect him to remember that one. Christ, I hate partisan politics.

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