04 January 2010

This is a better morning wake-up than coffee...


Blackwater's private anti-piracy ship, the MacArthur, is now up for sale for approximately $3.7 million (place your bid here) Originally designed to serve as a paid armed escort for merchant vessels, the company has been unable to find any customers, despite a plethora of armed pirate attacks in the Horn of Africa region. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that the crew of the ship punished its scalywags by measures more in line with the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Regardless--place your bid or giggle in delight, like I just did.

Edit: If anyone does buy the MacArthur, I propose organizing a vacation like this one.

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Michael C said...

Great links. I have a feeling Blackwater is going to need the revenue for lawsuits even if their criminal cases get dismissed. (If I were ever in Blackwater I wouldn't ever go back to Iraq.)