28 April 2010

A roundup of comical dictators that (surprisingly) doesn't include Qadaffi

Now that al Qaeda's been reduced to little more than blundering imbeciles who pack explosives in their underwear and, erm, unsavory body cavities, it's time to move on to two-bit dictators. First, Jules Crittenden and the Middle East Institute report on a situation developing in Iran. Last week, a Shia cleric, Hojjat ol-eslam Kazem Sediqi, claimed that:
Many women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray and spread adultery in society which increases earthquakes.
This is one of those moments the Internet was made for. Thousands of men have tried to cause earthquakes by enticing women to bare their breasts for them. How juvenile. YET, HOW AWESOME! Of course, reading the blogosphere might give credence to this claim. After all, boobs do play heavily on a website titled "Great Satan's Girlfriend".

I probably shouldn't provoke Iran, especially with naval exercises still going on in the straits of Hormuz. Eh, what the hell...

Iran also brings us some amusing images from a recent military parade in Tehran, which featured, among other things, ninjas clad in both black and white (the
Asymetric Special Force Teams White and Black). Courtesy of Kings of War:

Damn, I haven't seen a white-clad ninja

Of course, the most memorable attendee was the now-infamous Iranian Saluting Guy (H/T Themistocles' Shade), who now has his very own Facebook page (don't tell Ahmedinejad).

But while Iran shuns the power of Web 2.0, other dictators are embracing it. Recently, Hugo Chavez signed up for Twitter, for the sole purpose of bashing his detractors. (Seriously, Hugo, don't take to arguing on the Internet. Internet trolls have a lot more free time than you do. Seriously.)

Tweets Chavez:
Hey how's it going? I appeared like I said I would: at midnight. I'm off to Brazil. And very happy to work for Venezuela. We will be victorious!!
Yawn. Even Kim Jong-il had a Twitter account long before Mr. Chavez. One tweet from the North Korean dictator reads:
Speaking of which:Who's got two thumbs and a lot of groovy toys the IAEA doesn't even know about? This guy. To say otherwise is insolence!
A little insecure, I think. I know how you really feel, Kim:


Anonymous said...

Too bad Joe Armstrong is retired. He could take down both Asymetric Special Force Teams single handed.

PANDA said...

I wonder how the State Department clerk reacted when he or she saw Ahmadinejad's request for a visa slide across the desk.