29 April 2010

Still the King of Battle

Michael Yon snapped some amazing pictures of a cannon crew from Ft. Lewis' 3-17 Field Artillery. In Afghanistan, cannon artillery is still a vital player on the battlefield, as the Taliban tends to operate in more rural areas, far from major population centers, and is known to gather in large numbers.

The "redlegs"--field artillerymen--fire illumination rounds throughout the night to aid ISAF forces.


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Unknown said...

You know, I always knew why the Artillery were called the King of Battle -- those nice loooooooooong tubes speak for themselves. But for a long time (like, oh, about a week in Vietnam) I couldn't figure out why the Infantry was referred to as the Queen of Battle. You have to admit, for a bunch of hard chargers, it sounds kind of effeminate. Then I understood: it's because the ground pounders are the ones who always get fu*ked over. Made perfect sense then.

Michael certainly does take a good photo, though.