25 May 2010

Blog Drama

Last month, we had the infamous "Yon-ichles", in which Michael Yon did battle with General McChrystal, the milblogging community, and Canada, spurring an amusing parody site in the process.

Today, we were treated to a blog war between David Axe of War is Boring and Jimbo at Blackfive. I'm never one to be one-upped, so I'm hereby starting blog drama with Great Satan's Girlfriend. She'll probably mark the beginning of our "fight" with a picture of chicks pillow fighting, so you can't lose.

Note: All blog drama between me and GSGF is purely for our own mutual amusement. We fully expect to laugh at any and all inflammatory posts our fans might make.

1 comment:

mark said...

Blogwar is Hell and you cannot refine it. ;)