26 May 2010

Britain's upgraded Lynx helicopters arrive in Afghanistan

According to
Helmand Blog, Britian's new Mk.9A Lynx helicopters just arrived in Afghanistan. While the Lynx was first fielded in the 70s, the new Mk.9A Lynx boasts more powerful engines, upgraded communications systems, and M3M machine guns. The new engines are of particular importance in Afghanistan, as the temperatures and high altitudes often limit the load-carrying capacity of helicopters. The Lynx is expected to perform convoy escort missions, aerial security, and reconnaissance in Afghanistan.

In other news, Lt. Harry Wales, known to most as Prince Harry, has been selected for helicopter training, being "pinned" by his father, Prince Charles. Some sources have indicated that Prince Harry will be in the cockpit of the Lynx, whereas others indicate that he will be flying Britain's WAH-64 Apache. Lt. Wales served as a forward air controller in Afghanistan in 2008, before being whisked back to Britain after details of his deployment were leaked on the Drudge Report. (Britain's top newspapers agreed to keep details of Prince Harry's deployment secret.)

British Forces News has the latest on the Lynx's deployment, as does ITN News.

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