26 May 2010

The Defense Industry: Committed to Excellence

America can take pride in the professionals in the defense technology industry. Our planes are made with the best materials, our ships made in the safest conditions, and our soldiers' helmets are made by the most skilled prison inmates in the nation.

Wait, what?

Last week, the Army began ordering soldiers to return over 44,000 Advanced Combat Helmets (ACHs) made by the company ArmorSource LLC (formerly Rabintex). This is in addition to another 30,000 helmets produced by Gentex, recalled last year.

ArmorSource, one of four contractors which produce the ACH, sub-contracted its work to Federal Prison Industries (FPI). FPI currently produces over half the US military's helmets.

How do you know if you have a defective helmet? Head over to Jeff Schogol's article at the Stars and Stripes for a detailed walkthrough, or just check out the picture below.

Thanks for helping get the word out, Jeff!

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