01 June 2010

A proposed change to the Aircrew Training Manual for the UH-60 Black Hawk (TC 1-237)

With Memorial Day weekend and my impending move, I haven't been able to post on the flotilla incident. Rest assured that Abu Muqawama, Voo Tatico, Zenpundit, Noah Shachtman, and the Small Wars Journal crew have covered this in great detail.

That being said, though, I think that Army aviators need to take note and examine the incident on the Mavi Marmara in detail. Indeed, the After-Action Review process is a valuable one, allowing us to refine our doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Let's examine the aircrew training manual for the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, particularly, the chapter on "Fast Roping" (Task 2054).


a. To perform a FRIES [Fast-Rope Insertion/Extraction] assault, execute a terrain flight approach to the insertion point. On final, adjust airspeed and altitude during the approach to stop over the insertion point at a predetermined hover height (not to exceed rope length). At a stabilized hover the FRIES operation begins. Remain over the area at a stabilized hover, until all ropers and ropes are clear.

b. After ropers are clear, crewmembers will pull the ropes back inside the aircraft or release them by pulling the locking device and detaching the rope. Keep the aircraft stationary until the "ropes clear" signal is given.

I think this handy visual aid might assist the crew in determining the suitability of the landing zone.

Ahem, when the Aircrew Training Manual says that the duties of the Non-Rated Crewmember and the pilot not on the controls involve providing "adequate warning of obstacles", this might include, you know, dudes with clubs. Just a thought.

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(Picture courtesy Commander Herb Carmen)

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