06 July 2010

Acknowledging the contributions of the IDF

Over the years, the IDF has received many of America's finest creations:  the Black Hawk helicopter, the F-15 Eagle, and the M-16 rifle.  They've also taken some of the worst of America; namely, Effects-Based Operations and now, Ke$ha-style dance videos.


jumblerant said...

Apparently not everyone thought it was as funny as we did:


Andy Kravetz said...

what, you want them to do the hora all the time? Oy vey!

Rex Brynen said...

...and, of course--this being the Arab-Israeli conflict--there's a Palestinian counter-video from Hebron: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MGsDI0WJHQ

However, in the Middle East Youtube video wars, the best example has to be this ad for the (Israeli)Cellcom mobile network:


...which then sparked this very funny Palestinian video of what ACTUALLY happens if you kick a football at an IDF patrol along the separation wall: