21 July 2010

Okay, CENTCOM, here's the deal

To:  GEN Mattis, James
From:  Your favorite blogger

Subject:  Kitties!



I noticed that your new blog features a lovable picture of a US service member and a kitten.  You may be new to this whole Internet thing, so I feel I should warn you:  this will inevitably result in thousands of strangely-captioned cat pictures.  

Known as LOLcats, they're, even more popular than Lady Gaga.  Some are even translating the Bible into the strange, pidgin language of the LOLcats.  That's how popular they are.  

You need to start a crazy caption contest for military LOLcats.  Seriously.  If you don't, someone will do it for you. 


Shaun Baker said...

I kan haz mystery meat?

FaST Surgeon said...

Of course... the poor sap with the cat is currently getting a blanket party.. followed by cat jokes for the rest of his natural life... poor, dumb bastard :)

girliethegoalie said...

This contest has the potential to be NSFW, but I will contribute an innocent entry:

I iz not fuzzy cell fon.