06 July 2010

Top Foreign Milblogs?

While American military blogs--or "milblogs" as they are known--are fairly prominent, I really don't see very many from non-US sources.  Among the most notable foreign Milblogs are:

  • Offiziere.ch (Switzerland)--focusing on a number of European, and Switzerland-centric defense issues.
  • Voo Tatico, which translates as "Tactical Flight" (Brazil)--focusing on issues concerning rotary-wing aviation, the military of Brazil, and military combat simulators.
  • Kings of War (UK)--run by the crew at King's College London, this focuses on matters of counterinsurgency, British defense policy, and grand strategy.
  • Helmand Blog (UK)--this official MoD blog chronicles the efforts of the British Army in southern Afghanistan.  
  • The Torch (Canada)--recently shut down, this used to be the pre-eminent Canadian military blog.
  • War Poet (Canada)--an embedded poet follows Canadian troops in Afghanistan, amassing an interesting collection of poems.  
Am I missing any prominent foreign military blogs?  It's surprising that there are very few "boots on the ground" personal blogs from troops in Afghanistan. 


J. said...

Defense and Freedom German

Defence of the Realm British

Sobchak Security Italian

Anonymous said...



Graham J. said...

The posting isn't too frequently, but Ultima Ratio is a great French blog (posts in both French and English).

"All team members have, at one point or another, worked for the Security Studies Center of the French Institute for International Relations."