11 August 2010

The Internet surprises me once again

I always assumed that internet discussion on Hezbollah's activities in Lebanon nearly always digressed into users simply posting pictures of ridiculously hot women

That was until this morning, when I saw that my entry concerning the strategic placement of unveiled women in Hezbollah rallies made its way to Fark.com

Rather, the complete opposite happened, the thread at Fark provided some interesting debate on the social and political role of Hezbollah in Lebanon, spurred by the aforementioned pictures of ridiculously hot women.  (Though, it should be noted that one of the few pictures of women in the thread was the now-infamous "HPOA" chick.)

Maybe Adam Elkus is right--the Internet is about  far much more than LOLcats and porn. 

Sorry there's nothing quite so astute recently.  I'm in the middle of a big exercise.  Better posts should follow in a week or two. 

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