13 August 2010

Most Awesome Week Ever?

My friends back in the United States are probably fast asleep, content with posting the obligatory "Most Dangerous Week Ever" post late in the afternoon. Little do they know that I have a six-hour head-start on them, and that I can prove, definitively, that this was, indeed, the most awesome week ever. 

So what makes this week the most awesome week ever?  How about a tour of the super-secret MC-12 reconaissance plane, in-depth plans for a potential Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear program, and commentary on US Army Chinooks providing aid to flooded regions of Pakistan?  Not awesome enough for you? What about the sordid details of Wikileaker Bradley Manning's personal life, swoopy robot helicopters, and some sharp security talk

But I'm really stretching for ideas.  This was just your typical week of massive defense cuts, outrage at Wikileaks, and relief workers murdered in Afghanistan.  And, as is par for the course, this week was also frought with the DoD's asinine information management policies.  In lighter news, we had some awesome Fark headlines, Hezbollah hotties, and a street sign that's just straight-up OODA-Loopy

So there you have it, the week in review.  Most awesome week ever?  You decide.