15 September 2010


I've been in a rather dismal mood recently; no doubt the result of the foul German weather moving in after the weekend. Oh yeah, and waiting two hours (so far) for your system to repair its hard drive after a crash isn't fun, either. (That's why I'm typing this on my BlackBerry.

Hey, you know what will cheer me up?  Pictures of adorable kittens with sayings from US Central Command's General James Mattis!


Josh Kennedy said...

So is that an Army-issue BB you managed the blog post from? Just curious, because the IT knuckleheads have so many ^&%*&^ restrictions and stupid encryption software on mine that no way i could even get onto Blogger.com much less post a photo in the email to my Blogger account!

J. said...

You are a disturbed man. Kitteh only wanz to be luved, not feared.

Paul said...

We totally need lots more of these.