02 November 2010

Putting the Affairs in Foreign Affairs

Her too.
It's hardly news that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is balling out of control.  I mean extreme balling without limits.  Material like this just writes itself.  (Bonus:  this article comes with pictures)

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi is facing new calls to resign over links to a 17-year-old Moroccan belly dancer.

The 74-year-old is alleged to have given the girl £6,000 as a gift and reportedly called police to free her after she had been detained for theft.

Newspapers have been awash with details of parties which the teenager - known on stage as Ruby Rubacuori -allegedly attended at the media tycoon's residence.

She has been quoted calling them "bunga-bunga" parties - an apparent reference to a lewd joke that is taken to refer to some form of sexual activity.

Mr Berlusconi says he helped Karima when she was in trouble with police, but denies interfering with the justice system.

She denies sleeping with the prime minister and told La Repubblica Mr Berlusconi "behaved like a father".
To clear up any confusion, Ms. Rubacuori, the 17-year old Moroccan belly dancer who received a £6,000 gift and claims that Berlusconi behaved as a father, is not the same as Ms. Noemi Letitzia, the 18-year old who received a 6,000 Euro necklace and refers to Berlusconi as "Papi". 

Don't feel bad, I bet even Silvio confuses them, too. 

Foreign Policy Online is awash in amusing articles regarding Mr. Berlusconi's nocturnal activities, including claims that the Prime Minister has been caught on video cavorting with nubile young women, and even a column entitled "Dating Advice from Silvio Berlusconi".  (Seriously, I think that FP Online could easily outsourse the majority of their articles to me and the Great Satan's Girlfriend)

Yet Britain's Telegraph has Foreign Policy Online beat in their coverage of Mr. Berlusconi's more salacious achievements with an article entitled "Silvio Berlusconi's Women:  The Top Ten".

Fuck the "Mystery Method", Berlusconi needs to be the one running dating workshops.

Focus:  The best of Berlusconi's women.  My money's on the conveniently-selected Equal Opportunities Minister (and former nude model) Mara Carfagna, whom Berlusconi said he'd "gladly marry" if he wasn't already hitched.  Can't you just amend the law to make that sort of thing legit?

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Josh McLaughlin said...

So you're telling me that when so called "showgirls" say "I'm only doing this to pay for school" it might actually be true?