31 January 2011

Are Milblogs waning or just evolving?

Contrary to what Tom Ricks laments (and Automatic Ballpoint echoes), I don't think that milblogs are waning, per se. Sure, total posts have slowed down, but many milbloggers are turning to Twitter for day-to-day interaction, link sharing, and up-to-date coverage of fast-moving events, such as last year's "Rolling Stan" incident, or the recent demonstrations throughout the Middle East.

And while Twitter seems to have supplaned the shorter posts, many milbloggers have turned to guest-posting in larger publications. Speaking of which, I did have that post I was going to compile for Tom Ricks.

(Oh, and spending over a week on one marathon session of Civilization V probably cuts into my milblogging significantly.)


TTC said...

My life would have been much more productive if not for that evil Sid Meier.

"One more turn..."

Michael C said...

I would add mini-games and blog reading as the things that keep me from being productive.

I would agree, milblogs are just evolving. Heck, the line between milblog/nat sec blog/conservative blog/political blog are blurry enough as is.

SJ said...

Ironic how a game about civilization may be contributing to its downfall by sucking away all its time.

Now if you don't mind me, I must go crush Genghis Khan once and for all.

Chris Cox said...

Been thinking about this in terms of my own blog, I really struggle to keep up with it at the moment, but my Twitter activity has never been higher. Its weird but there you go.

My personal vice is Eve Online.