06 January 2011

Fantasy Defense League

General Martin Dempsey
Secretary Robert Gates has just recommended General Martin Dempsey, the current commander of the US Army's Training and Doctrine Command, and occasional poster at Small Wars Journal, as the next Army Chief of Staff.  (Though, despite my prescience in that post, I seem to have linked to a picture that's no longer valid.  I do have my flaws)  Of course, I called this one months ago. With Admiral Mullen's term as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff coming to an end, I'd put money on General Petraeus as his successor.  After a pseudo-"demotion", he certainly deserves it.  

And, in other news, Secretary Gates also announced that US forces in Europe would be cut, and that over one hundred general officers would be given their pink slips.  AAFES Command, look out.  

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