04 January 2011

Miscellany on Miscellaneous Miscellany

After a trans-Atlantic flight last weekend, it looks like I'll be doing the same this next weekend as well, flying from Munich to Arizona.  Fortunately, the Munich airport serves beer pretty much all day long.  Thus, I can dull the pain in the unfortunate event of a travel debacle

What does this mean for my readers?  Well, expect to see some guest posts in other blogs in the near future.  I'll be taking on China's new "aircraft carrier" and 5th-generation "stealth fighter" at Aaron Ellis' Thinking Strategically.  Not to mention, if everyone asks nicely, I might continue my series of epic Xtranormal videos.

In other news, I'm still switching to Gmail for all my work needs.  But I'm glad to see that the Army's new "GTSY" network might be improving on AKO, an e-mail program about as effective as my Geocities account, circa 1997.  

Finally, I'm glad that Admiral James Stavridis is being a good sport about being labeled as one of the "worst military tweeters" by Spencer Ackerman.  Keep tweeting, Sir!

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Anonymous said...

I read the article about GTSY and walling off the Army network.

This sounds like another step in centralizing all of the email, sharepoint, and fileshare assets away from installations. Its a bureaucratic argument: We will centralize these capabilities at AKO since forcing you to use this will only make us better -- eventually. We even promise to figure out what you want and give you back what you already have.

But all those Sharepoint admins can get great jobs issuing, troubleshooting, and inventorying CAC enabled laptops to every Soldier. That won't cost much. Or after morning formation, all the joes can cycle through the PSG's office for two hours in order to check official use email.

The Army's GTSY contractor will earn how much money to out-Facebook Facebook? Produce a classified ad service that is preferred to Craigslist?