17 February 2011

Did you ever know that you're my hero?

I've made a new Twitter friend.  

My new friend might actually be my soul mate, if said friend were a female.  Sadly, my new friend is not a female.  Nor is it really a male, either.  

It's a drunken Predator drone.  A bona-fide Unmanned Alcoholic Vehicle, baby.

My, what a large bottle of Jack Daniels you have there.

I can't tell if I've met the most awesome person in the entire universe (besides me), or if I got drunk one night and accidentally registered another Twitter account.  Either way, this new account should make up for the recent lack of amusement on Twitter.  Sadly, ever since the revolts in Egypt, Twitter's gone legit:  more social unrest and fewer panda hats.  Le sigh.