18 February 2011

Send up the PowerPoint signal: PowerPoint Rangers, rally on me!

From today's Doctrine Man:

Doctrine Man asks:  "Do you blame the tool (PowerPoint) or the tool behind the tool"?
I decidedly blame the tool behind the tool.  Those who blame PowerPoint for poor communication might as well blame Outlook for Nigerian e-mail spammers.  

There is, of course, a better way to use PowerPoint.  And Dave Karle of Microsoft is here to help.

Dave's been collecting feedback from the field for quite some time, documenting some of PowerPoint's most notorious transgressions.  (Note the infamous "PowerPoint Karaoke", wonderfully parodied by the gang at On Violence)  

The "Modern Presentation Method" is looking for PowerPoint Rangers far and wide to help stop the madness.  Let Dave know about your worst PowerPoint transgressions; but don't forget to share some of your best PowerPoint "TTPs", as we call them in Pentagon-ese.  (Personally, my favorite "best practice" is the late Captain Travis Patraquin's "How to Win in Anbar")