31 January 2009

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To protect operational security, I can't give a lot of specifics, but I will say that I recently sent an article to a professional military publication that got quite a lot of attention, not only in the blogosphere, but also in real life. (Those of you who know me personally can put my name into Google and see what I've written recently).

I've now been quoted in a major website/publication on international relations, so yay me.

Anyway, I'm looking at writing my next piece, due to come out in a few months, regarding comparisons between the organizational cultures of the British Army before WWI (after a long period of peace) and the US Army prior to the onset of 9-11. I'll be looking for some help in the Small Wars Journal Council, if you'd like to join me there.

In other news, it's annual flying evaluation time, and flying in Iraq makes it just a tad bit tricky. For the record, I loathe flying evaluations. But I've had enough of them to have had my fair share of strange and bizarre adventures to come out of them. Stay tuned tomorrow as I fill you in on the amazing aspects of the "check ride".


Anonymous said...

We hope that there aren't any flocks of Canadian geese flying around Iraq's friendly skies...


Bag Blog said...

I saw where there were some recent helicopter crashes in Iraq and thought about your post on the crowded airways while landing. I'm glad to see you are alive and blogging.