31 January 2009

The problem with Beyonce

Okay, I'm certain that by this time everyone and their grandmother has seen the latest internet meme based on "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.  For those of you who don't live vicariously through Youtube, here you go:

I swear, I think this guy might actually be larger than the Star Wars kid, not only in his size but also in his sheer Internet popularity right now.

This also brings up something I've noticed about Beyonce/Destiny's Child. In their early days, they brought up issues of "Independent Women (Parts I and II)", being a "Survivor" and other self-esteem issues for women. This was popular for a year or two, and then they regressed into songs about simply being bootylicious and whatnot. As Beyonce became more and more famous, she pumped out songs nearly every week with a message of "Hey, I'm hot--give me my gold ring already", etc.

The sad fact of the matter is that the songs have apparently resonated with the ugly section of the female population. Seriously, just drive down the street and look into the cars next to you, I guarantee you'll see some rat-looking girl singing something from Beyonce, and secretly fantasizing that they are, in fact, Beyonce (or Sasha Fierce or whatever she goes by now). How do I know this? Because I actually saw a rat-looking girl singing Beyonce in the car next to me once. What made it even more creepy was that she was singing the lyrics "Oooh boy, you lookin' like you like what you see". No, I don't like what I see. I see a rat girl with far too much sexual confidence, STFU!

Really, for the sake of humanity, Beyonce needs to stop making music.


Richard said...

You know she lives down the street from me, right? Seriously, her house is off of Clear Lake near Kemah. It's always easy to tell if she's home by seeing if her yacht is parked outside or not.

Starbuck said...

Haha, no way...

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