02 March 2009

Facebook Politics

Yesterday, Small Wars Journal published comments from a number of people regarding the impact of the "New Media" in counterinsurgency, getting responses from counterinsurgency experts ranging from David Kilcullen to, erm, yours truly (who writes about break-dancing stormtroopers just as much as he does counter-insurgency).  

The New Media has revolutionized the manner in which military professionals discuss professional issues.  It gives a new sense of empowerment to younger, more junior troops, who have respectfully challenged the status quo via their mastery of these new forms of media.  They've (We've) grown up with computers in their homes all their (our) lives, and their comfort with this new medium has allowed them to voice their opinions all the way to the top.  And judging by the Army's massive shift in doctrine towards counterinsurgency and stability, I'd say it's for the better.

Today, CNN published an article about Facebook politics.  It's no secret that President Obama was far more able to get his message across to the youth due to his mastery of the New Media--he was almost always seen with a Blackberry in hand, and he even gave his Facebook followers an advance notice of his VP pick via text message, in clear contrast to Senator McCain, who admitted that he hadn't been on the Internet.  

Focus:  The New Media has impacted military affairs and politics.  How has it affected other aspects of life?  Okay, besides hooking up on Facebook (Yeah, I'm looking at all of you who "poke")...

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