23 June 2009

Abu Muqawama does not disappoint

COINdinista Milblogger Andrew Exum, better known as "Abu Muqawama", has taken a little vacation. In his absence, he promised to have guest milbloggers who were sufficiently sarcastic enough to take his place.

It's hard to take over for a guy that blends astute counterinsurgency theory with phrases like "inter-service dick waving", but it looks like he found just the guy today. Today's guest blogger is a Cavalryman who expressed significant displeasure with the fact that a reporter from Stars and Stripes was banned from reporting on operations in Mosul.

I could go on and on about the article, but you have to read it for yourself. I'll just quote the title of the article, which appeared on the CNAS website (You know, the IT think-tank):

"You Can't Spell 'Stupid' Without 'ID', and Maybe Not Without 'Cav'"

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