23 June 2009

Logging IPs…

I checked my little IP logger and noticed that someone from the small town of Wasilla, Alaska happened upon this blog post which discusses accessories for the Amazon Kindle which would hold up well in Iraq by way of KindleBoards.com. Presumably, they might be looking up this information because they want to send something to a family member.

Wasilla, Alaska is a fairly small town (10,000 people), so there probably aren't that many people with relatives currently deployed in Iraq. This might be a long shot—after all, there could be many people in Wasilla, Alaska who just happened upon this page—but I'm curious if one resident in particular isn't looking up this website in order to figure out what to get her son, who deployed to Iraq last year.

Whoever viewed it also specifically clicked on the picture of my bookshelf. So now my fans run the gambit from Tom Ricks to a small possibility that, you know, the Tina Fey-looking person that I didn't vote for.

See, this is just proof that this blog isn't just visited by people who inadvertently happen upon it looking for Megan Fox pics (although that does seem to make up over 50% of them).

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