19 January 2010

The Few, The Proud, The Armchair Generals

Alternatively titled, "Teh Stupidz, it hurts!"

I was reading through an article on CNN Online, and amazed, once again, at the stupidity of the online armchair generals. As much as we say that experience doesn't matter in all cases (and I won't say that it's entirely untrue), some of the amateurs out there need to be quiet. Or embarrassed on the Internet, one of the two.

The stupid Internet poster of the day is someone who goes by the online handle of atteckus, who writes:

Only a fool would have failed to anticipate blocked roads, broken ports, and the human requirements for food/water within 3 days. I know that I would have had food and water IN MASSIVE QUANTITIES on the ground within 72 hours. It doesn't take time. That's B.S. All it takes its ingenuity and a failure to accept obstacles. People like you (Rajiv Shah & Ban-Ki Moon) fiddle while thousands die. I demand C-5 Starlifters to fly immediately and drop supplies to the needy. To hell with the roads, and to hell with the port. It is completely unreasonable to accept these obstacles as true barriers, where so many lives are in danger on account of delay. I'm disgusted that you think its ok to wait on "logistics" while they die of starvation and dehydration. [emphasis added]

Okay, while there's no such thing as a C-5 Starlifter (C-5 Galaxy and C-141 Starlifter), there are C-17s doing exactly what you are talking about, dropping supplies into a secure drop zone, so as not to cause mass looting and violence in a scramble for supplies. Add this to the SH-60 helicopters and pretty much anything with rotor blades that's currently flying around the country.

Yes, this earthquake happened without any warning, and America's efforts in pushing tons of supplies thousands of miles with little notice is quite impressive. Thank you, Mr. Armchair General, for your thoughtless analysis.

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