13 April 2010

Crowdsourcing US doctrine

So this "COIN for Aviators" project I've been mulling might finally take shape. I've uploaded a pair of documents to Google Docs--a PowerPoint presentation and a Word document. The PowerPoint presentation is largely complete, while the Word Document is still in its infancy.

By uploading these files to Google Docs, I can allow a group of people to collectively collaborate and edit them. Thus, not only will I create a great repository of information for those trying to learn about the use of airpower in counterinsurgency, but I will have also explored the possibilities of "crowdsourcing" US doctrine. This isn't without precedent either, as the US Army's Capstone Leadership Concept was revised and edited after being posted on Small Wars Journal.

Let me know if you'd like to help out. If anything, I think it would be interesting to explore collaborative technologies.


Anonymous said...

Count me in, if you'll have me! I only have a regular ol' google account though, none of this newfangled Wave stuff.

Starbuck said...

Cool, what's your Gmail address?

Anonymous said...

karakapend @gmail.com!

Graham J. said...

I'd love to jump in and help. It'll be a mutual learning experience; I'm working on a dissertation about the RAF in the Aden Emergency. My email is grahamwjenkins at gmail.com. Looking forward to it!