01 August 2009

The Megan Fox Bump Meets Its Match?

Looks like another blogger ("The Great Satan's Girlfriend") has discovered the sheer power of placing pictures of hot chicks in articles about defense policy and counterinsurgency. (H/T SWJ)

The post is well worth reading. It's a book review of Kimberly Kagan's "The Surge: A Military History", which I'm currently purchasing on Amazon (no Kindle edition..booo). "The Great Satan's Girlfriend" has a great mix of internet meme-style humor and military news, which I'm sure my readers will appreciate.

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J. said...

Sorry, I am forced to reject any blogger who links to Laura Ingrahm, Michele Malkin, and Lynne Cheney. Honestly, how can one take a blogger seriously when there are these sites on the blogroll?

Even if K. Kagan is a hottie, not sure I can stomach reading her AEI stuff written with idiot Max Boot. Just cannot do it.