30 November 2009

The Afghan Troop Surge Drinking Game

President Barack Obama is set to deliver a major address regarding the anticipated Afghan Troop Surge and subsequent strategy tomorrow night at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST at West Point, New York. A number of milbloggers will actually be live-blogging the event, to include Right Pundits and Ink Spots, the latter of which will be sipping some fine wine while watching the speech.

Unfortunately, I would say these bloggers are missing a golden opportunity. Why simply drink fancy wine when you can play...

...The Afghan Troop Surge Drinking Game!

It goes something like this...it starts out with beer and some hard liquor.

Every time President Obama says the following/drink the following:

Taliban/1 sip of beer
al Qaeda/3 sips of beer
"disrupt, dismantle and destroy al Qaeda"/1 shot (I guarantee he says this)
9-11/1 sip of beer (thank God this isn't Guiliani giving this speech, I wouldn't make it)
exit strategy/1 shot (hopefully Obama follows Tom Ricks' advice and doesn't say "exit strategy")
Surge/1 sip of beer
"Petraeus" or "McChrystal"/1 sip of beer

Any other suggestions?

(Edit: I just realized that Right Pundits also made a joke about a drinking game. I submit this game for their use)


Anonymous said...

If he says "victory," (which I doubt he can....), DOWN the beverage in front of you:-)

Gulliver said...

So how'd that one turn out for ya?

Anonymous said...

Alas....No mention of victory in sight. But we got good hits on the words: strategy, Taliban, security, war and stability.

Anonymous said...

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